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About Season Six of Glee…

It sounds as if the writers are a putting a lot of time into getting it right. I mean, they were going to start filming in August but they delayed until September - because the writers wanted more time. That must mean that they care, and that they are putting a lot into it, so the writing will hopefully be better.

Also, Adam Anders tweeted very early on that he had already started work on Glee music. In past seasons, he’s probably had around a week for five songs. He started much earlier this time, which means that the music will hopefully be much better.

In general, there is a real focused approach on this season, on the entire season as a whole. So it will be a full story, a good story, and a well told story.

Remember that Klaine is only part of the story, and not the focus of the show. Spoilers are also just scattered details that may be insignificant in the long run, for all we know. Wait to see what it looks like as a whole, then decide.









how is it possible to love fictional characters this much and also have people always been this way?

like, did queen elizabeth lie in bed late sometimes thinking ‘VERILY I CANNOT EVEN FOR MERCUTIO HATH SLAIN ME WITH FEELS’ 

was caesar like ‘ET TU ODYSSEUS’ 

sometimes i wonder


oh my GOD

the answer is yes they did. there’s a lot of research about the highly emotional reactions to the first novels widely available in print. 

here’s a thing; the printing press was invented in 1450 and whilst it was revolutionary it wasn’t very good. but then it got better over time and by the 16th century there were publications, novels, scientific journals, folios, pamphlets and newspapers all over Europe. at first most were educational or theological, or reprints of classical works.

however, novels gained in popularity, as basically what most people wanted was to read for pleasure. they became salacious, extremely dramatic, with tragic heroines and doomed love and flawed heroes (see classical literature, only more extreme.) books in the form of letters were common. sensationalism was par the course and apparently used to teach moral lessons. there was also a lot of erotica floating around. 

but here’s the thing: due to the greater availability of literature and the rise of comfy furniture (i shit you not this is an actual historical fact, the 16th and 17th century was when beds and chairs got comfy) people started reading novels for pleasure, women especially. as these novels were highly emotional, they too became…highly emotional. there are loads of contemporary reports of young women especially fainting, having hysterics, or crying fits lasting for days due to the death of a character or their otp’s doomed love. they became insensible over books and characters, and were very vocal about it. men weren’t immune-there’s a long letter a middle-aged man wrote to the author of his favourite work basically saying that the novel is too sad, he can’t handle all his feels, if they don’t get together he won’t be able to go on, and his heart is already broken at the heroine’s tragic state (IIRC ehh). 

conservatives at the time were seriously worried about the effects of literature on people’s mental health, and thought it damaging to both morals and society. so basically yes it is exactly like what happens on tumblr when we cry over attractive British men, only my historical theory (get me) is that their emotions were even more intense, as they hadn’t had a life of sensationalist media to numb the pain for them beforehand in the same way we do, nor did they have the giant group therapy session that is tumblr. 

(don’t even get me started on the classical/early medieval dudes and their boners for the Iliad i will be here all week. suffice to say, the members of the Byzantine court used Homeric puns instead of talking normally to each other if someone who hand’t studied the classics was in the room. they had dickish fandom in-jokes. boom.) 

I needed to know this.

See, we’re all just the current steps in a time-honored tradition! (And this post is good to read along with Affectingly’s post this week about old-school-fandom-and-history-and-stuff.

Ancient Iliad fandom is intense

Alexander the Great and and his boyfriend totally RPed Achilles and Patroclus. Alexander shipped that hard. (It’s possible that this story is apocryphal, but that would just mean that ancient historians were writing RPS about Alexander and Hephaestion RPing Iliad slash and honestly that’s just as good).

And then there’s this gem from Plato:

"Very different was the reward of the true love of Achilles towards his lover Patroclus - his lover and not his love (the notion that Patroclus was the beloved one is a foolish error into which Aeschylus has fallen, for Achilles was surely the fairer of the two, fairer also than all the other heroes; and, as Homer informs us, he was still beardless, and younger far)” - Symposium

That’s right: 4th Century BCE arguments about who topped. Nihil novi sub sole my friends.

More on this glorious subject from people who know way more than I do

"… (The idea that Patroclus was the bottom is stupid, because Achilles was obviously the prettier of the two, prettier than anyone else, in fact; and, as Homer says [in the Iliad], he was still beardless, and much younger.)” - Symposium


This is a small ‘kind of’ trailer for my fic ‘Two Coins’

You can read it here: FF.net | S&C | AO3

this looks fantastic!! cant wait til its finished so i can read it… (yes thats my policy)


 lesorientales answered: freshly engaged klaine being gross (by gross I mean cute) about their rings/Kurt ring as you prefer :D


 lesorientales answered: freshly engaged klaine being gross (by gross I mean cute) about their rings/Kurt ring as you prefer :D


One more night AU Trailer | Klaine

Blaine had it all. He was popular and dating the hottest girl in the school.
However, not everything was as it seemed.
Meanwhile, Kurt was the only openly gay in school. He was hopelessly in love with Blaine, but He knew he had no chance with him. But one night they run into each other in gay bar and it turned out that Blaine was gay as well and their feelings for each other were mutual. After that they started seeing each other but Blaine wanted to keep their romance a secret because he was afraid to come out and he didn’t want to lose his reputation…

Glee: Kurt Hummel [INFJ]



Introverted Intuition (Ni): Kurt has one goal for his life and refuses to stray from it. He’s highly individualistic and focused on the future: always dreaming about what will be, rather than what is. Once he locks onto something, he won’t stop until his vision becomes a reality – that can include a Glee-related project, his life goal, or designing a new outfit. He chooses one thing to focus on, then figures out what he must do first to get there.


Extroverted Feeling (Fe): On one hand, Kurt can be incredibly kind, sweet, and affirming, with a talent for encouraging others and helping them achieve their goals. He routinely self-sacrifices himself for his friends and feels bad if he has hurt anyone. On the other hand, Kurt can be self-centered, emotionally inconsiderate, determined to express his feelings regardless of how others feel, jealous of others’ success and willing to knock them down a peg (without caring how they feel afterward) and a habitual complainer when he is feeling under-appreciated.


Introverted Thinking (Ti): His ability to figure out how things work aids him in the creative process; it enables him to plan things out, think outside the box for most of his costumes and musical arrangements, and show keen insight into exploring new ideas.


Extroverted Sensing (Se): Everyone compliments him on his fashion sense and style. Kurt naturally knows what things look good together and has a keen ability to design his own outfits. He puts a lot of effort into his appearance and is very energetic in pursuing his dreams, but is not all that spontaneous and sometimes not quick to leap on an opportunity when it presents itself.


NEW VIDEO: “Getting Intimate With Darren Criss

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