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"The worst thing one person can do to another is to reduce their identity to being only half of something. When someone is treated as half or less than half of one identity, they’re not being treated like a human at all. Everyone should have the right to individuality.

[The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning, 289-291] 

He isn’t against Klaine. He just wants Kurt to be his own person and live his own life outside of his relationship with Blaine. To be honest, having one’s life center around a relationship can cause depression - because you need a life and a space of your own. Having that can only strengthen the relationship.




I love this scene so much..

This scene. This fucking scene is when I knew it wasn’t over. Kurt had been so upset in the prior scenes that he couldn’t even talk to Blaine over the phone. This scene was the beginning of what was a convolutedly long way back together, but this scene gave me so much hope. 

One of the things that’s always interested me about this scene is that Kurt says the Auglaize River and not the Ottawa, which is the river that Lima is on.

But I’m not gonna say “Caught you, Glee! Brush up on your geography!” Because it’s just another example of Glee playing with geography to tell a better story. If Kurt had said “the Ottawa River,” half of the American viewers probably would have said “WAIT WHAT WHY ARE THEY GOING TO BE IN CANADA AT CHRISTMAS?” and gotten pulled out of the scene.

Plus, the Auglaize is in northwestern Ohio only about 20 miles from Lima, and the Ottawa is a tributary of the Auglaize – so saying Auglaize here actually makes perfect sense from a storytelling perspective. It adds localish color without being distracting.

The lesson here for writers? I guess it’s, “If geography is fucking with your story, let your story fuck with geography.”

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Chris Colfer on the upcoming Noël Coward biopic: "So far been so much fun. I went out to London to start prep work for it and it was an amazing experience, just like going around London and seeing where he lived, and working with people, meeting the fellow actors. It has an amazing cast so far and I am so excited for that project."

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Anonymous prompted: klaine trying to join sam’s celibacy club (and lasting like, two days)

"So you’re saying that in order to support the person who always ends up sex-blocking us anyway—"

"It’s called cockblocking, but continue," Blaine says quickly, letting out a surprised huff of breath when Kurt squeezes his ass for interrupting.

"—we should join his little abstinence club and give up sex altogether," Kurt finishes, deadpan.

"It’s only temporary, and I think it could really help with our- our self-control and, oh, Kurt, what are you—”

Kurt pulls back from pressing quick kisses over Blaine’s throat to say, “If we’re really doing this, then this is our last night of intimacy for a while, isn’t it?”

Blaine swallows, nodding. He expected more protesting, but then again, he’s not about to complain.

"Then you better rock my world, buddy,” Kurt growls, and Blaine just beams, letting Kurt roll them over so he can do just that.

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Klaine; just after 5x20; 1260 words; A03.
Tw: anxiety, OCD, hurt/comfort.


The first time it happened Blaine didn’t think anything of it. The loft had such an odd feel to it after everyone left – first Mercedes, then Sam, then Rachel. Artie was in L.A. doing a summer internship, and Elliott was teaching music at a swanky camp in upstate New York. It was just strange, being in the city by themselves, no one to invite over for dinner, or meet up with for coffee. Blaine thought he and Kurt were both feeling a little off balance. So when Blaine woke up one night to find Kurt sliding back into bed, just a few minutes after he thought they had both fallen asleep, it didn’t make much of an impression on him. As long as Kurt let him curl back up on his chest, and wound his fingers into his curls, all was well.

After it happened a few more time, though, Blaine got curious. When Kurt slipped out of bed a few nights later, thinking Blaine was already asleep, he listened as hard as he could to try to figure out what Kurt was doing. It didn’t sound like he was making warm milk, or sleep shopping on his laptop. Instead, Blaine heard a series of clicks and squeaks. Kurt was only gone for a few minutes, and then was back in bed, seemingly unaffected, snuggling right up behind Blaine.

Blaine didn’t feel right pretending, so the next night he just concentrated on not falling asleep first, despite it being their normal pattern. When he didn’t drop right off, Kurt gave him a quick kiss and a squeeze to the shoulder before sliding out of bed. Blaine heard the clicks and squeaks again, and then Kurt returned, slipping his arm around Blaine’s waist and pulling him tight against his chest. “What were you doing?” Blaine asked softly.

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I finally saw Chris’s episode of Watch What Happens Live - if you didn’t get to see it you didn’t miss out. He barely had a second to talk. The clips that are already online have pretty much all of it.